Why Healthcare Websites Look Different

When you are visiting different sites online, you will notice they all have a different look to them. This is because each of the websites desires to target different aspects of the user experience. This is why when you are setting up a website, it is essential to pay attention to exactly what it is users hope to accomplish on your site. If you want to create a healthcare website, you have to pay attention to the fact that people want to feel comfortable when searching for a healthcare professional. The process of seeking a doctor, seeing a doctor and potentially receiving bad news from a healthcare professional is never an easy process. According to Forbes, it is essential for healthcare professionals to have a website. This is why healthcare websites should always personalize the site, offer testimonials and a have a visual tour of the office. It makes the difference between an office searching for patients and one with a waiting list.

Healthcare Websites

Personalize the Website
When people are choosing a doctor, they want to feel completely comfortable with the doctor they are choosing. This is why it is important to show the healthcare professional as a human first and as a doctor second. Pictures of a smiling healthcare professional with his family members or in a domestic setting are always a comforting sight. It reminds potential patients they are dealing with a person who cares about people. It creates a human bond which allows the individual to feel good about choosing the healthcare professional.

Offer Testimonials
You will also notice doctors and dentists websites all have testimonials. This is because, rather than hearing from the healthcare professional that they are in good hands, most people prefer to hear about the practice from another patient. Allowing patients to put in their two cents about the comfort they feel when dealing with their chosen healthcare professional assists in putting the minds of others at ease. If at all possible, you should include the picture of the patient offering the testimonial. Doing so signals to anyone reading the testimonial the information given was not made up, but comes from a real person who is actually a patient. Testimonials with a picture are always taken more seriously than those that are merely text alone.

Provide a Tour of the Office
Potential patients like to see where they will be offered care. They like to see that all of the equipment is in good operational condition and the facility itself is in good repair. Offering a virtual tour of the facility allows individuals to feel completely at ease about the healthcare professional they have chosen, even before they set foot inside the door. Make sure there is no one in any of the pictures of the office used for the virtual tour. When offering the tour, potential patients want an unobstructed view of the equipment and the facility. Giving them exactly what they are looking for shows you have nothing to hide and welcomes them to see everything. Keep these suggestions in mind as you are creating your own healthcare website.

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