When you sell clothing online it can be a bit of a challenge to get customers to visit your site. Unlike in a store, there is no way to try the clothing on and see if it really fits the customer or if the style looks good on them. Many customers will never even try … Continue Reading

If your company is not online and offering services to the public, you could be missing out on some big business. For the first quarter of 2013, the U.S. Department of Commerce noted that $61.2 billion worth of sales took place. This was a 2.7 percent increase over the final quarter of 2012.

You want to increase sales on your website, but don’t want to invest too much money on your efforts. You have tried many strategies, but you are finding them time consuming and expensive. Here are some simple strategies you can try to help increase your sales without a huge investment.

Typography plays an important role in a successful web design. You may have noticed here in WDH that we previously changed the look and feel of our site. Specifically, its typography was improved to make it more readable and easy to skim. We obviously do love clean and readable typography, so today’s collections are 20 Examples of Blog sites that use beautiful typography.

Responsive design is in demand due to the rise of mobile technologies nowadays. As a web designer we can’t afford to lose one visitor from mobile and tablet devices. Whenever you plan to develop responsive websites which comprise ample photos or images, it’s best to use image gallery/slider for these contents.

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