People and some professionals have been seen looking for gallery grid themes for an overall clean portfolio. The essence of the current theme is to provide grid based photographers a gallery to help them organize the pictures into a theme. Aside, the added option offered by some of these WordPress theme is to allow the … Continue Reading

“Retina display” is a marketing term originated by Apple which they basically refer to a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice pixelation at a typical viewing distance. This retina display is integrated in Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and MacBook Pro. Most people typically embrace these new and advanced gadgets, thus numerous retina-ready wordpress themes are much needed in the market nowadays.

The popularity of wordpress over the internet motivated numerous web designers and developers to create different types of useful snippets for wordpress users. These wordpress snippets enhance the functionality of your theme/blog yet save your time in developing it.

Since WordPress is undeniably one of the most popular content management systems these days, more and more designers strive to release magnetizing themes to the industry every now and then. That is why when you browse for free WordPress themes on the internet, it wouldn’t probably be easy to pick the finest.

Productivity is a great asset in a business. Once you are productive, you are committing yourself to excellence. That’s what snippets do. Snippets are tools – reusable codes that display specific functions – which can increase your speed in coding. By using snippets, you are able to minimize the use of repeated codes thus time consumed in coding is reduced.