If you’re a designer and staying up to date on the latest features, platforms and trends then you have seen the abundance of website creators that let you create websites without any knowledge of coding or programming. However the problem with the mass majority of these platforms is that they usually don’t allow full control … Continue Reading

Responsive design is in demand due to the rise of mobile technologies nowadays. As a web designer we can’t afford to lose one visitor from mobile and tablet devices. Whenever you plan to develop responsive websites which comprise ample photos or images, it’s best to use image gallery/slider for these contents.

Every day websites are progressing from simple to advance in terms of usability and user experience. jQuery has a great role in this progression. It has change the way how the users interact the websites and web applications. So today, we showcase 17 Extremely Useful jQuery Plugins that you can use for your next project.

The Internet has taken the world by a storm. It hosts literally millions of websites. Social media profiles, small blogs, big blogs, search engines, multimillion dollar websites – all varied forms have their space on the Internet. So let’s say you too want to start a website but you are not sure where to begin.

jQuery plugins have been so popular and useful to most web designers and developers nowadays because of its “writes less, do more” principle. Instead of spending more time in programming languages to create dynamic effects, jQuery makes it all simple which creates an outstanding and powerful effects when applied! We already published 35 Really Useful jQuery Plugins in our previous post.

JQuery is a powerful and elegant tool a web designer must be acquainted with. With its extraordinary features, you can create powerful and dynamic web pages and web applications making it a great tool a web developer must have! JQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library. Through its capability of creating plugins, web developers are able to extend its functions. Some of its features are used in navigating HTML documents, handling events, performing animations and embedding ajax interactions to web pages. Nowadays, users of JQuery have been incredibly increasing. So, don’t be left behind, here is a 35 Really Useful jQuery Plugins that will help you a lot in making your website or even your mobile web development stand out from the rest.

When you develop a website, you have to make sure that you have a systematized, well-structured layout in organizing your contents the shortest way and time possible. That is, if you want your clients to come back frequently to offer you more projects to work on. Time is money. Grid system offers web designers a faster way of structuring contents while coherency is preserved. With this tool, designers are given a pre-made structure for their layout that maximizes time in designing the other elements of web development aside from layout.