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Do you feel awkward to hand over your business card and stuck them in your drawers untouched? Allowing it to disregard its primary purpose? If you do, then go and check them right away! Perhaps you are not taking it seriously. When you create your business card, it shouldn’t be just the casual one but it must be of high quality; impressive enough to magnetize deals and clients.

Nowadays, the development of web industry has been very rapid. In fact, most of the businessmen are incorporating web to increase the pace of their business transactions. E-commerce is one way of achieving better quality services with a cheaper cost. Basically, E-commerce is defined as buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Moreover, ample e-commerce software has been rising in the web to support the needs of thriving online business worldwide.

Designing a logo needs an artistic mind for it to be spectacular and eye-catching. Once you designed it well, it wouldn’t be hard for you to advertise it since your potential audience will be the one to promote it the moment it catches their eye. Our post for today is one of the amazing subjects of logo designing – negative space. The concept of negative space is when the space around the subject not the subject itself creates an artistic and captivating, significant shape.

Since we love minimal web designs, today’s post is associated to our previous topic – 50 Most Outstanding Free Fonts for Minimal Web Design. Minimalism can be defined as the absence of complex concepts and contains only important information. Minimalist websites exemplifies brevity and simplicity yet comprehensive and useful enough to the audience. Hence, minimalist website can attest that “less is more!”.

One of the hottest topics in the web industry nowadays is the birth of responsive web design. Responsive web design is a method of designing a website that responds to user’s behavior and automatically adjusts its size to diverse mediums such as tablets, smart phones, netbooks and monitors.

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