Best HTML5 Sites of the Week October 29th 2011

This post is part of our weekly series where we feature best websites using HTML5 markup, Responsive design, and best design practices from around the net. If you know or have a link of html5 website that you think qualifies our standards then contact us, for it to be included in our weekly series. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and Let us know what you think.

If you want more inspiration about html5 websites then try our HTML5Awesome site, it is a showcase gallery of awesome and innovative HTML5 websites from all over the world.

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1. Creep Fest

Creep Fest

2. Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli

3. Space150 ( Responsive )

Space150 ( Responsive )

4. The Boston Globe ( Responsive )

The Boston Globe ( Responsive )

5. Co-Work


6. ( Responsive ) ( Responsive )

7. Nest


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