50 Most Outstanding Free Fonts for Minimal Web Design

If you are opting for a minimalist design for your website, typography should be given great emphasis. That is because minimalist design focuses on two elements: white space and typography. Fonts are one of the primary features of typography that makes websites simple and attractive. This post showcases 50 Most Outstanding Free Fonts for Minimal Web Design for your next project readily available for download just for you and don’t forget to share this with your fellows!

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1. Raleway


2. Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans

3. CODE free font

CODE free font

4. St. Marie

St. Marie

5. Dekar free font

Dekar free font

6. Infinity Free Font

Infinity Free Font

7. Matilde Free Font

Matilde Free Font

8. HERO Free Font

HERO Free Font

9. Fanwood


10. Junction


11. Cabin Font

Cabin Font

12. Dalle


13. Elevant


14. Jolly


15. AW Conqueror Sans

AW Conqueror Sans

16. Terminal Dosis

Terminal Dosis

17. SD Georgia Light Font

SD Georgia Light Font

18. Banda


19. Fabrica


20. Webissimo Font

Webissimo Font

21. Lintel


22. Lato


23. Delicious


24. Labtop Regular

Labtop Regular

25. Europe Underground

Europe Underground

26. Walkway


27. St. Transmission

St. Transmission

28. Colaborate


29. Titillium


30. Aller


31. Existence Light

Existence Light

32. Quicksand


33. BonvenoCF


34. Aaargh


35. Code


36. District Thin

District Thin

37. Afta Sans

Afta Sans

38. Delicious


39. Asenine


40. Cicle Fina Font

Cicle Fina Font

41. Context Repr

Context Repr

42. Engel Light

Engel Light

43. Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo

44. Yanone Kaffeesatz

Yanone Kaffeesatz

45. Josefin Sans Std

Josefin Sans Std

46. Print Clearly font

Print Clearly font

47. News Cycle

News Cycle

48. Quicksand


49. New Cicle

New Cicle

50. PT Sans

PT Sans

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