20 Best Examples of Readable Typography Blog

Typography plays an important role in a successful web design. You may have noticed here in WDH that we previously changed the look and feel of our site. Specifically, its typography was improved to make it more readable and easy to skim. We obviously do love clean and readable typography, so today’s collections are 20 Examples of Blog sites that use beautiful typography.

1. Trent Walton

Trent Walton

2. Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton

3. Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria

4. Kyle Meyer

Kyle Meyer

5. Tommi Kaikkonen

Tommi Kaikkonen

6. Jon Tan

Jon Tan

7. Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks

8. The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent

9. Simple Bits

Simple Bits

10. Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero

11. Simon Collison

Simon Collison

12. Jan Cavan

Jan Cavan

13. Dodge & Burn

Dodge & Burn

14. Matthew Carleton

Matthew Carleton

15. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

16. Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

17. Osvaldas


18. Daniel Filler

Daniel Filler

19. Kerem


20. Simon Foster

Simon Foster

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  1. Adam

    It’s great blog list, i love every typo!! ^^ You should write why you choose each one, it would have been relevant 😉

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